Marex is a diversified global financial services platform, providing liquidity, market access and infrastructure services to clients in the energy, commodities and financial markets.

We have 1,100+ employees with offices in 22 locations including London, New York, Clark NJ, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Calgary, Montreal, Dublin, Paris, Versailles, Frankfurt, Singapore, Oslo, Rotterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong, and other major cities throughout the globe.

Our employees are a friendly, dynamic group who are passionate and committed to our business. It is a reputation that we are proud of and a culture that we continually promote and reward. We are always keen to hear from highly experienced individuals who believe that they can make a difference to our business.

  • Competitive Remuneration

  • Market Leaders

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Chicago, IL

Dublin, IE

London, GB

New York, NY

Paris, FR

Singapore, SG

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